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I don’t usually give bad reviews on here, but this time I am. Mostly so you can use it as a learning opportunity. Tonight, Connor wanted to go to Red Robin for his birthday dinner. As always, we went into detail about the gluten free thing.

First, the hostess said they don’t have a GF menu on hand that I needed to download an app that would then scan a code that would show me allergen information. This would take about 15 minutes. Then we order. Our food comes, Connor and I look down and at the same time say “This is NOT gluten free.” Our burger was on a regular bun, and had seasoning on them”  The server took it back. I proceeded to get worried that the kitchen would just take those burgers off the buns they were on and transfer them to the gluten free ones.”

I walked over to tell the manager my concern. He assured me that he threw them away and they were making us new meals fresh. He seemed very agitated and walked off. That was the only contact I had with him. When our food finally came, everyone else was finished for at least 5-10 minutes. The manager never ever came to our table. It was painfully apparent that he’d just soon we not come back.

Why? All we did was ask for our food to be Gluten Free. Don’t we have that right? Is it that BIG of a deal to put that burger on a gluten free bun vs. a glutenous one? Is it really so horrible to be asked to NOT put the seasoning on the fries?  Oh dear… we are so sorry for that inconvenience (not).

We are paying for the same service as everyone else. If fast food places can make a burger without pickles and mustard… then how much more should the full service restaurant be willing to do?

Yes, I am ranting. I’m furious that for my sons thirteenth birthday meal he was the last to eat. That he was so hungry and watched the others at our table eat. Sure his brother offered to wait, but then his food would be cold. I told him to eat while it’s still warm.

The moral of the story is to get BOLD about the gluten free need. Have a sense of urgency and if you think for half a second that something doesn’t seem right, that is your internal instinct kicking in and a red flag. This is the only life we have, don’t let it be ruined by some careless people in a restaurant. It’s just not worth it. Okay, I’m done and feel much better now.

From now on, we’ll have the burger at home on one of our Gluten Free Miracles Buns.