Our Products are Available at Whole Foods Market in Lexington and Louisville


Paleo here is: Grain free, Potato free, Legume free, Dairy free, Sugar free, Organic and Preservative free


Keto here is: Grain free, High fat, Moderate to Low Protein, and Extremely low carb


No animal by-products.
Vegan here is: Dairy free, Egg free and Honey free

Miracles Bakery

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145 Burt Rd.
Lexington, KY
(859) 278-8888

Closed for Walk-in Customers as of November 1, 2022 due to the employment crisis. Must schedule a pickup through website or contact denise@glutenfreemiracles.com for inquiries.

If expecting inclement weather, please make prior arrangements to pick up your order.

Contact Us

For general information, you can email denise@glutenfreemiracles.com.