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Don’t you just love your family?  I know I do.  Especially the elderly.  It was on a Sunday after church when I spoke with a loved one and asked how they were.  She said they were both hurting in their various ways, always tired and pretty much miserable.  Arthritis does that.  I went by a couple of hours later to discover what you see above on the counter.  I said, “Well, no wonder you two feel so bad.  Look at this mess you are calling food and putting into your body.

She said, “Now, don’t you start.”  So here we are, I’m frustrated and they won’t even try to listen.  They want a pill or miracle cure.  They could care less that they have the power to help themselves.  Yes, we all have this “Super Power” to help ourselves. 

If you put junk like this into your body, you will have a junky body.  No nutrition means no fuel.  Its like using water instead of oil in your motor of your car.  How does that sound?  Won’t work so good would it?  

I cannot express how annoyed and actually flabbergasted I get with people who keep shoving the junk in and whining every time you talk to them about how awful they feel.  It’s one thing if you just don’t know better, but the thing is some people just don’t want to know.  In this case I’ve preached and preached about changing their diet and it’s like talking to the wall.

People we are here at GFM to help guide you into making “better” choices.  Yes we are gluten-free, but we are so much more than that.  Things you just Must know:  

  1.  Sugar is toxic (especially refined)
  2. Wheat is toxic (the gluten content is ridiculously high) Hard to handle.
  3. Dairy is a primary inflammation trigger and causes mucus. 
  4. Fat is needed in our bodies.  It’s like the oil for the engine. 
  5. Too much of a good thing, can become a bad thing. 

Come see us and we will help you with your journey to a better life.